A new home for Ktea

Since launching KTea early in 2020, demand has grown so much that we found ourselves selling out of kombucha half way through each month (turns out you are a thirsty bunch!). Our little 250 square foot brewery (previously our at-home wine cellar) was turning out around 3,500 bottles of our five delicious flavours each month, but even at top speed this wasn’t enough to keep up with demand.
Whilst still modest on the global kombucha brewing scales, our new brewery dwarfs the old space, able to produce up to 10,000 bottles of kombucha a month. It’s also meant the team has doubled in size, as we welcome Dani and Hayley to the team.
As soon as we were in, work began to get the space up to KTea standard, from its previous use as a space for storing flowers. Cleaned till you could eat your dinner off any surface (but don’t, we do have a staff room for that!) with a RO water purifier installed, electricity, plumbing, and temperature control to keep the scobies at their preferred temperature of around 22 degrees.
Speaking of scobies, these travelled in VIP class (very important probiotic), moving by hand in extra large buckets, to their new 300L tanks. As only the best will do for our brew, we repurposed Egyptian cotton sheets into breathable covers for our Scoby’s. If this conjures up images of a spa holiday, you wouldn’t be too far off - after all, a happy scoby makes for tasty
This means there’ll be no more empty shelves, no more waiting on deliveries - you can get your KTea kombucha fix at any time.

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