Take a peak at Pekoe

Contrary to what you might think, Orange Pekoe doesn’t have any orange flavour in it. The jury is out on why orange is the name, but it’s actually a delicious black tea from Sri Lanka, considered to have numerous beneficial advantages for your health.

Black tea has been reported to:

✅  Lower cholesterol
✅  Reduce inflammation
✅  Decrease blood pressure
✅  Improve brain health
✅  Fight off infection

Rutin, a compound found in Orange Pekoe tea, has antioxidant properties that could help counteract free radicals which damage tissues and cause premature ageing.

Studies looked at how black tea affects metabolism of fat and found that, similar to how weight loss medications work, black tea can reduce the absorption of fat molecules in the intestine. It can also improve the way your body handles insulin and glucose, which can help combat obesity.

Our Pekoe Kombucha combines whole leaf Orange Pekoe with fragrant tropical botanicals to produce a rich, full-bodied drink with a rum-like undertone.

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